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New Technorati algorithm..

October 15, 2009 Leave a comment

If you are searching for new blogs to read, then Technorati is one of the best sites to start. Its top 100 blogs page reflects more or less what is happening in the web and the calculated rank is, in my opinion, quite accurate.

Moreover, during its October revamp, the site updated the algorithm for their main metric: Technorati Authority.


  • Authority is calculated based on a site’s linking behavior, categorization and other associated data over a short, finite period of time. A site’s authority may rapidly rise and fall depending on what the blogosphere is discussing at the moment, and how often a site produces content being referenced by other sites.
  • The new Authority calculation differs from the past version, which measured linking behavior over a longer 6 month timeframe. Please note that links in blogrolls don’t count towards Authority, as they are not indicative of interest in relevant content; we stopped including blogroll links in August 2008.


As Michael Arrington writes in his techcrunch post:

“… Until today, …, the top list was fairly static. Now they are focusing much more on recent data within the last month and giving blogs an authority rank between 1 – 1,000. Scoring factors include posting frequency, context, linking behavior and “other inputs.” The result, says the company, is a lot more volatility in the lists as blogs surge up and down. …”

I think that this is one more (small) step on the direction of results that reflect the real time and volatile nature of web.

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Randomness in game design

October 14, 2009 Leave a comment

An interesting presentation on randomness in game design: “Randomness: Blight or Bane?”

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Tech Podcasts

September 18, 2009 Leave a comment

According to the New Oxford American Dictionary:

a podcast is “a digital recording of a radio broadcast or similar program, made available on the Internet for downloading to a personal audio player,” but the generally accepted definition has expanded to include video as well as audio. Originally derived from a combination of “broadcasting” and “iPod ™,” the word was declared “word of the year” when it was added to the dictionary at the end of 2005.

Podcasts have evolved during the recent years from amateur recordings using cheap microphones to programs that can be easily compared to the best radio or TV shows.  They cover a wide range of genres and topics and, in my opinion, are a great (even though a little bit geeky) way to spend your time during long commutes. Most people will never understand this line of thought, but why lose 2-3 hours per day doing nothing when you can listen to this week’s tech news or a presentation about a new framework?

I have been listening to podcasts for a couple of years now and I am currently subscribing to about 10-15 (mostly tech oriented) podcasts, so I think that I have a pretty good idea on which are the best tech podcasts out there. The following list in not by any means complete, it just contains (in random order) the podcasts that I follow every week and that I think are worth mentioning:

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