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According to the New Oxford American Dictionary:

a podcast is “a digital recording of a radio broadcast or similar program, made available on the Internet for downloading to a personal audio player,” but the generally accepted definition has expanded to include video as well as audio. Originally derived from a combination of “broadcasting” and “iPod ™,” the word was declared “word of the year” when it was added to the dictionary at the end of 2005.

Podcasts have evolved during the recent years from amateur recordings using cheap microphones to programs that can be easily compared to the best radio or TV shows.  They cover a wide range of genres and topics and, in my opinion, are a great (even though a little bit geeky) way to spend your time during long commutes. Most people will never understand this line of thought, but why lose 2-3 hours per day doing nothing when you can listen to this week’s tech news or a presentation about a new framework?

I have been listening to podcasts for a couple of years now and I am currently subscribing to about 10-15 (mostly tech oriented) podcasts, so I think that I have a pretty good idea on which are the best tech podcasts out there. The following list in not by any means complete, it just contains (in random order) the podcasts that I follow every week and that I think are worth mentioning:

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