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Don’t Copy That Floppy

SIIA (The Software & Information Industry Association) released its new anti-piracy campaign [1], called “Don’t Copy That 2”.

You can find the video in youtube:

I was laughing out loud for 10 minutes after I saw the clip. I am sure that whoever is responsible for this campaign is either someone locked in a cage or he doesn’t have kids/thinks everybody is an idiot. Even the best comedian would never think about such a lousy add (in order to make fun of SIAA). As Nick Summers writes [2]: “Rap, Klingons, and Jailhouse-Rape-by-Broomstick Aren’t the Best Way To Teach Kids About Piracy … ”

In their next campaign, they should hire the guys from “IT Crowd” or even use their anti-piracy spot [3],[4] (it is a must-see). I would say that it is the funniest computer related add (with tones of money invested in it – not just a parody), but unfortunately it’s prequel from 1992: “Don’t Copy That Floppy” would easily take the “Worst Advertisement” Emmy Award.

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